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Nu Earth
Yeah I epically fail at keeping this up do date, but never mind.

Ill, so for once I have time to sit and wait for the load times my very slow dongal, while I drink the fabulous 'Tea of Life' to make me feel better, mmmm, Tea of Life. (Imerial Teas of Lincoln, THE SINGLE BEST TEA SHOP I KNOW!

Will, (the amazing Chamonkee) put together a 2000AD fanzine in time for the MCM, which I couldn't go to, and dragged me and Naniiebim into it and while I read 2000AD as a kid I couldn't really remember much of it.

So I kinda just claimed Judge Death.

And then sat and hmmmmmmed about it as the deadline got ever closer, and closer, and closer. There was talk about Dread and Death in a bar but I just couldn't get it to work!

Then two days before the deadline I had an idea!

Apparently everyones reaction is 'AAAAARGH what the hell is that!?!"

So yeah I can't draw cute... only frightening.

But up until I started drawing that, I kept threatening to send this to Will for my entry.

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The picture are not loading for me... Not sure why.

Sorry - still nothing. Can see the bottom picture but not the top two....

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