Templar Helmets

Sorry about the quality, I just snapped them with my phone but this was today's task.

After our Art Course Leader (Iain Harrison, he's GOOD) broke down the various roles you can take in the games industry and went through everyone's portfolio, (very useful). He got us to draw a templar helmet he owns!

The first drawing was an hour, the sencond half and hour, the third 15 mins, then 5 mins, then 1 min, then 30 secs and finally 10 second.

It was to show us how the lines became more fluid as the times got tighter, AND how we stopped looking at it as it tended towards 10 seconds. A big NO NO when drawing.

We then picked our favourite, mine was my half hour one, as I'd settled into drawing then but still got a level of detail I was happy with, and had to rip it up. :P

Basically a lesson in NOT being to precious about our art, which you can't be when you are working for someone else. I snapped a photo of it anyway before I did so. :P

Then we did some speed painting.

Tomorrow the guys from Codemasters are coming to give us a day Concept arting... *melt down*

Reviewing and Redesigning
So after the initial first day of signing in, this is the course, this is the uni, this is what we are going to do over the next few months, let’s play Street Fight, on Friday, today we actually started Gamercamp, by playing games!

Well it is GAMER Camp!

But this does have a more serious side as after playing the game in two separate groups we had review it and then say what we would do for a sequel. And that side is always as a lot of fun especially as we ended up with two very different answers between the two groups.

We were then split in four groups and given the brief that we will begin next week after the general ‘making sure we are all at the same level’ which starts tomorrow. I don’t know about the programmers, but this week the artists (there are 5 of us in a group of 14, 15 if the final guy poles up) have a concept art session with CODEMASTERS, portfolio review and a photoshop session this week.

So LOTS to look forwards to.

And panic about


In honour of talk like a pirate day. Avast! A Pirate!

The Colonel

Character sheet for, well she hasn't got a name just a title.

The former Colonel is generally the tank of the group, really rather masculine, she has the guns, she has the military know how, she likes fights, cigars and I have a feeling she secretly likes romance.

Deviant Art

Finally bit the bullet, I have a new DA account up and running!

Steampunk Voodoo



Come on people, please like my wonderful company which offers Concept Art, Illustration, Pretty Pictures of Steampunks, Proof Reading and Tea Consultation. Oh yes, that is right, TEA!! Oh and art.

I may be late but I have FINALLY finished Portal, yes I do mean number one. :D
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Burns Away

Crop of what I am working on at the moment.


Just playing about with expressions with one of the, so far nameless, characters from my steampunk… thing. These sort of things are handy for helping with personality traits, though this guy is pretty established anyway. Dry humour, drinks tea, can fly just about anything, and generally rather stuffy and tries to act cool and collected. Not that it always works.

Also has a lovely pinstripe bowler hat.


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